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Sesimbra - Caparica - Arrábida


Avenida Marginal Lagoa de Albufeira - Sesimbra, Lisboa, Portugal.

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Trails of Cabo Espichel

Cape Espichel is a place of incredible natural beauty and where mystic and local legends have given way to a spectacular sanctuary built in honor of Our Lady of the Cape. There are several rails that we can find in this area and nothing better than to make a circular route with about 10km so as to visit the points of greatest interest of easy level.


With a meeting point on the cruise that marks the entrance to the sanctuary, we set off towards the north cliff of Lagosteiros Beach, where we can observe the tracks left by groups of dinosaurs that have passed here about 30 million years and have lived up to the legend of the image of Our Lady of the Cape.


Going north along the cliffs we will find a set of accesses to the most used fishing spots in the area and from where the fantastic sea breams and sea bass that can be found in the zone of Sesimbra, being our turning point the Areia de Mastro beach.

Once again on our way to the Sanctuary and the Hermitage of Memory for a reading of the original legend that gave rise to its cult, the route will continue to the Lighthouse at the most west point of the Cape lined by its impressive cliffs with several points of observation that we can not fail to visit before returning to the starting point.


The tour takes place with a minimum of 6 people and according to the weather conditions. Easy level


Price: € 12 per person

From Cape Espichel to Sesimbra

A pedestrian route along the southern slope of the coast of Sesimbra starting at the Espichel Cape Sanctuary and ending at the Port of Sesimbra. From west to east in a distance of about 12km discovering the fantastic beaches that can be found here, such as Praia da Baleeira, Praia da Mijona and already famous Ribeiro do Cavalo beach.


A hard-level version is available under markup. This set of tracks is located in the Nave dos Navegantes, where formerly it was the chapel of Mr. Jesus of the Navigators, a place of great importance for the fishermen of Sesimbra who here guarded its image before leaving on long trips and that in 1803 was destroyed in a fire.


A journey through the history of Sesimbra, based on the sea and fishing with a breathtaking view of its coast and with the Serra do Risco and its calcareous slopes which are the highest in Europe and the Serra da Arrábida just after the horizon line.


The tour takes place with a minimum of 6 participants and according to the weather conditions. The return to the starting point will be performed by the Meira Pro Center. Middle level


Price: € 20 per person

From the village to the Ridge mountain

The Serra do Risco, located between Serra da Arrábida and Vila de Sesimbra, holds the highest calcareous wall in Continental Europe with a fantastic 380m high, which allows us to enjoy a breathtaking view of the surrounding landscape.


The adventure begins in the village of Sesimbra (west) following from the tracks to the much used by local pastors in their daily journeys where the landscape as a postcard is treated will accompany us.


The route has in its total about 11.5km being realized in technical rails and with enough stone. A medium / high difficulty course with physical fitness requirement to face all the initial climb up to the top of Serra do Risco with a total duration of about 4 hours.


Participants should bring trousers due to the rails surrounded by small shrubs without forgetting proper footwear, plenty of water and food reinforcement.

The tour takes place with a minimum of 6 people and according to the weather conditions.


Price: € 12 per person

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Sat, Nov 17
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Cabo
Nov 17, 2018, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Cabo, Sesimbra, 2970, Portugal
Percurso pedestre circular pelos trilhos do Cabo Espichel e todos seus pontos de interesse.
Do Espichel ao Porto de Sesimbra
Sat, May 26
Igreja de Nossa Senhora do Cabo
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Um percurso de Oeste a Leste ao longo da Chã dos Navegantes por trilhos centenários.
Sesimbra à Serra do Risco
Sun, Apr 08
Apr 08, 2018, 9:00 AM – 1:00 PM
Sesimbra, 2970 Sesimbra, Portugal
Caminhada pedestre com início na Vila de Sesimbra até ao topo da Serra do Risco.